Boys, Alcohol & Partying – Searching for Acceptance

Jackie's Story

If you’re reading this right now, thank you so much for caring about what I have to say. Opening up to share the dark parts of my past has been scary, but also the most freeing thing I’ve ever done. Somewhere in my life I picked up this weird idea that it wasn’t okay to not be okay. Because of that, I ended up walking around feeling like I HAD to have a smile on my face and I HAD to have it all together or people weren’t gonna like me.

Trying to hold onto that reputation became my burden, and kept me from being able to share what was actually going on in my life, which kept me from the healing and closure that I needed. Learning how wrong I was was the greatest thing that could have ever happened. Our emotions are what make us human. Being vulnerable with our emotions is what allows us to connect and relate with the people around us, and creates a safe place for those people to do that same.

My hope for young girls is that they will see that there is freedom on the other side of hiding who you really are. The false acceptance that you get by being what everyone else wants you to be is nothing compared to the love that you experience when you show your true self. Thank you for listening to my story!


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