Torri Horness

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Torri Horness // notesontheway
Meet Torri! She is the author of our “Letters to Me” poetry series and a wonderful human.
The heart of a poet is by nature both wayfarer and homebody—somehow simultaneously seeking what is real and what is magic, what feels safe and what feels (as said in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty) “dangerous to come to.”
Torri Horness is a poet. Many of her earliest memories are ones she created in her imagination, and since third grade she has been dreaming of creating a better world with the words she writes.
A product of accidental adventure, Torri has found herself living all over the place—from suburban Chicago to inner city Michigan to an orphan home in Indonesia, to name a few. Her personal culture has been deeply affected by her experiences around the world. She now calls Los Angeles her home, and there spends her time making music with her best friend and writing poetry.
This project with Girl Above is a series of letters written as poems to young Torri, putting into words the insight she has looking back.
It’s an exercise in self-compassion, and an effort to capture the human experience. These are letters from the heart of a young woman who is still learning to love herself. 
For more of Torri’s work, head to or follow @notesontheway on Instagram/Twitter
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