Kaylee Keller


Fresh on the scene singer-songwriter & actor Kaylee Keller recently released her debut EP, Diamonds. The sought-after 18-year-old from Kansas shines with her vibrant personality and big full-voice sound.

Her sound will certainly please Taylor & Underwood fans, but Keller is on track to appeal to a larger audience with future song releases. Having started her own business at age 9, “Kaylee’s Passion For Fashion“, she is cut from a different rug than the average pop singer.

She says this about her latest song title, “’diamond’ derives from the Greek word ‘Adamas’, which means invincible and/ or indestructible.”


Hi Ladies!

In the worlds eyes you will never be pretty enough, valued enough, or perfect enough. However, through Gods eyes you are royalty, a princess, better than a rare gem. Our true beauty comes from God alone.
The motivation behind my music is to bring hope and joy and share my message of encouragement which I believe lines up Gods Word.
God Bless,
Kaylee Keller

Download Kaylee’s song Diamond HERE