Danielle Haskell


I was born on April 29, 1999 in Readfield, Maine. Growing up I was a quirky kid who always enjoyed putting on a show. As a 3 year old, I thought that even though my shows which included me playing on my light up keyboard while wearing a princess dress and pants on my head, were almost perfected, taking lessons was the only way my shows were going to improve. So at age 3, my parents honored my request and I began taking piano and dance lessons. After all, I knew I was also going to need dance if I wanted to throw in a “move” or two while I was singing. Around age 6 I thought my fans (my mom and my grandparents) needed to have a full concert experience, because the interesting costume choice, dance moves and the light up keyboard were not enough variety for every performance, so I began guitar lessons as well.

Being raised Christian set the stage for me to strive to be the best version of myself that I could possibly be at a very young age. While I attended St. Michael’s School in Augusta, Maine from the fall of 2004 to spring of 2012 Christian values were emphasized inside and outside of the classroom. At St. Michael’s School I also found new music opportunities that went beyond the annual recitals that were hosted by my piano / guitar teacher. From Kindergarten to Second grade I participated in the Christmas Eve Masses where I played and sang “Away In A Manger” and “Oh Come Little Children” while my classmates, dressed as angels and holding candles, walked down the aisle to their designated choir spots. Theschool then transitioned into other musical concerts and activities which I continued to participate in.

After finishing 7th grade, I applied to begin high school a year early and in the fall of 2012, I became a freshman at Cony High School. As I am writing this, my High School graduation is just a couple of weeks away and come August I will be starting a new adventure studying Music Business at Montreat College in North Carolina. With graduation approaching, I am already reflecting back on what have been some of the best as well as some of the most difficult times in my life. I would not change any of the highs or the lows as it is my belief that these challenges are what have driven me to help others and be a better person. These experiences led me to volunteer with Big Brother’s Big Sister’s and to start speaking against bullying. As someone who has seen both ends of the popularity spectrum, I definitely understand the social pressures, stress and anxiety many teens, or students of all ages really, have to endure. Finding the balance of keeping your standards, remaining true to yourself while fitting in and maintaining a social life is an art in itself.



If I had any advice for young girls, it would be to stay true to yourself. Once I became secure with who I am as a person others did as well. Some of my struggles happened, because I didn’t give anyone the opportunity to know my real personality. If you define your own “norm” based on your own standards and comfort zone without wavering, people will not only accept you, they will admire you for it. Above all else, be kind. I was taught that you do not always have to be everyone’s best friend, but it is not our place to cast judgment. It is our place to be caring and helpful. Think about how you want to be remembered, because there is definite truth in the Maya Angelou quote that says “people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but they will never forget how you made them feel”. Make the effort to discover where you fit in, who you are comfortable with and have some kind of personal escape. For me it was music. Others may find their diversion in sports, hiking or other activities. Do something that allows a few moments of inner peace and happiness. Also, find someone trusted you can talk to about everything. For me that was my Mom and my grandparents. It doesn’t always have to be a family member. Sometimes it actually helps to have someone removed from the situation. Even though we were in different school systems for High School, I was fortunate as I also had my best friend who I’d known since age 3 to talk to. Having just one person supporting you can make all of the difference. Meeting knew people with similar interests can be an amazing experience and can done by attending specific camps outside of your own community. My Mom always encouraged me to participate in groups that provided me with other social avenues and that is the very reason I am where I am with my music today. Interacting with different personalities from all over the country at these events taught me that the world is very large and there is a place in it for everyone.

I have always listened to and liked most genres of music. As I grew older and changed perspectives, I finally began to understand the important messages the Christian songs were delivering as they provided me with inspiration and comfort. I do believe everything and everyone we meet is not a coincidence. God places them in our lives for a reason. So when the opportunity arose, even though I was initially planning on singing Pop music, I chose Christian music instead. I truly believe God placed these people in my life not only so I could push myself, but also to make me realize my full potential was beyond what I had for my own plans. I simply felt the Christian Music Industry was where I would fit in and where I could have a greater impact on people’s lives.

Right now I have two songs out. The first song is called “New Day”. “New Day” was my first time co-writing a song, recording in a real studio and making a video. Even though “New Day” came with a huge learning curve, it still has an impactful meaning. “New Day” is about forgiveness, moving forward, leaving the past behind and starting over. We all make mistakes or find ourselves in circumstances we could not have predicted. There are times when one small moment can be pivotal in our lives, so we need to understand that we can take the steps that are needed to keep ourselves moving forward in the right direction. From every challenge comes a lesson. New Day goes deeper than merely a new day, for me it was about a new day that led to a new life. God gives us endless opportunities to change and find our way back to Him.






My second song which is called “Forget” was written as my grandfather was passing away from Alzheimer’s. He and my grandmother were not only my best friends, they were my inspiration and the examples for many aspects my life. Spending time with them was the best gift I have ever received. At the time “Forget” was written I was scheduled to be in Nashville for a photo-shoot, to co-write my second song and do the video for “New Day”. Just as we arrived in Nashville we received a call that my grandfather had fallen and had a brain bleed. We flew back home for 24 hours, as I wanted to make sure he was ok. By the time we arrived he was hospitalized and I was told the not to expect much. I’m not sure why, but during his entire time with Alzheimer’s I was the only person he consistently recognized. I remember being so afraid that I would walk into his hospital room and he would forget who I was for the first time; however, when I went over to his bedside and said “Hi Pepere”, he immediately replied “Danielle you’re here.” I had all of this fear that I would be forgotten, but he still knew my name. This situation reminded me of how sometimes we feel like God has forgotten us, but it is just our fear of being forgotten that keeps us from realizing that He knows our names and that He is not going to forget about us. My grandfather’s Alzheimer’s not only taught me how to put other people’s needs above my own, but also taught me how to have a closer relationship to God.

The best part of having songs, particularly with a meaning like “Forget”, has been the many, many messages I have received from people who have either been impacted by Alzheimer’s or simply need a song that reminds them that God is still there. Some of the comments and stories are enough to make me teary eyed without ever having met these individuals. I always say the best part of music is when someone listens to and relates to your song. In the few minutes that they are listening to the song, not only do they become part of my story, but I become part of theirs and that is an awesome feeling. I recently met with my co-writer / producer and we have written a third song together. I will save the meaning and inspiration for when the song is finished being recorded and released, but I will add that I am really looking forward to what I believe will be my best song yet.



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