About Us




Empowering and equipping girls to live authentically and confidently. We walk alongside them in their stories and guide them toward restoration, transformation, and leadership.




Combining mental health and faith-based perspectives, Girl Above gathers, equips and unleashes young women to transform their communities.  By creating tools and resources, we bridge the gap between cultural messages and gospel messaging. We serve young women and the individuals faithfully participating in their development. We put these tools in hands of women who desire to change their local context for the glory of God and the good of others.

Our Core Values


The gospel is the single root element of all Girl Above teachings. It is the one element that redeems lost souls and anchors individuals into their identity in Christ.


Stories have tangible power to connect individuals and change lives through the vulnerability and perspective of a testimony.


The desire of Girl Above is that we would inspire and equip young women to use their wisdom and God given gifts to change their communities and social circles as a result of passion, vision, and a commitment to living a counter cultural life.


A community dramatically influences an individual. Girl Above wants to create community on both a global and local level that acts as a safe place for our girls to be taught, encouraged, and loved.

Meet Our Team


Krista is passionate about speaking life and truth into young women and challenging them using a bold, loving and trustworthy approach. Krista can custom-design a message for any type of gathering. She has engaged many girls in high school, small group, youth group, and university settings. Contact us if you would like to book Krista Van Allen to speak at your event.

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