Fear: The Thief of Dreams

Written By: Krista Van Allen

Fear: The Thief of Dreams

How easily do we talk ourselves out of our biggest hopes and dreams using just two words? Two words that stare us down as we walk away from everything that we were designed for. Two words that carry doubt as their deadly weapon, a single sneaky weapon that is stealthy enough to go unnoticed, but that has enough power to destroy. The words “ I can’t” are two of the most powerful words we will ever speak, think, and believe.


We were all created with a very specific and intricate design.  Our DNA holds the code to our unique talents, giftings, and abilities that can be unlocked only by their beholder.  We were born with both dreams that fade and dreams that grow with every passing day. Each season of life leads to the next and over time, we discover how the unique nature of our individuality can be used to impact the world. We also discover how intimidating it can be to chase a dream. There are so many questions, so many worries, and so many eyes watching to see if we will fail. That is where the words “I can’t” conveniently sneak their way in.  Through fear and doubt they tell us that we are not qualified, and that there are a million other people better equipped for the task than you. If these words can deceive us into considering them as truth, then we will never achieve the fullness of what God has had planned for us since the beginning. The plans that can be achieved only by you, and only through your unique design.


So, how do we battle these words? How do we defeat them and disarm the fear that so sneakily tags alongside?   Well, we must first be able to recognize these words and their tactics as false and weak. If we can not recognize them in the first place, how will be ever defeat their strongholds? “I can’t”  becomes powerless when we learn that we are never “qualified”  in the first place for the tasks God has put before us. We are only “qualified” because we are CALLED and we are only “equipped” because God has equipped us. The qualifications to achieve our greatest dreams are found in the abilities of the Lord, not in our personal strength or certifications.  This truth should bring us so much freedom and immeasurable peace!


When I was first dreaming about launching Girl Above, the fear of failure made pursuing this calling almost an immediate “NO” in my mind. I thought it was a great idea, but one that someone else should take on. Someone with more experience, a larger resume, and definitely someone with more courage. I did not think that I was qualified for the task and therefore was paralyzed by feelings of inadequacy, fear and doubt. I thought it was absolutely absurd that someone like me could pull off the task of starting a non-profit with no prior experience and no idea what was around the next corner.  These fears crippled me for almost 2 years before someone very boldly said to me, “Krista, this is not about you. This is about the Girls that the Lord wants to reach THROUGH this organization. You may not be qualified, but God IS QUALIFIED and he will give you everything you need for the journey.”  


It was in that moment that I realized I had fallen victim to the lies of fear and doubt. I had assumed that I was the one in charge and that success or failure was dependent on my abilities alone. I had completely disregarded that God is powerful beyond measure and that HE knows what is around the next corner and that I am “qualified” because HE is qualified.  I know that God has given me this dream and he has designed me to take on this mission. I now have peace knowing that I am qualified because I am called and that I am equipped through the power of the Lord. I am able to walk into the unknown with confidence and address my fears with courage!




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“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”   

  • 2 Timothy 1:7